Darwin Motorcycle club By Clint Holmes

DMCC is the oldest motor sports club in Darwin, going back to the 1940's.  It has been associated with the Hidden Valley Tavern area since the late 1960's and held a lease on the area until the club surrendered in the early 1980' so the Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex could be created.


Group of riders who had been racing together decided they should form a Club. They called it the Darwin motor cycle club or DMCC. There were various tracks out at Nightcliff which was just scrub at the time, the main one being the ‘drums course' which was at an old oil and tar drum dump. They used the drums to mark the corners. Racing in those days was mainly flat track as the bikes had no suspension. Bikes like BSA, Triumph Matchless. The BSA Goldstar and the Triumph Trophy were the most popular. Of course riders who owned other classics like Velocetts and Vincents will probably disagree.


DMCC acquired land on the corner of Mcmillans Rd and Bagot Rd. (Next to where the cycle veledrome is now) and constructed a flat track circuit. The Darwin city council became involved and allocated 2 thousand pounds for the club to build a proper venue. This area used to be a gravel pit. The DMCC committee begged, borrowed or stole nearly every piece of earthmoving equipment in Darwin and constructed a speedway.


 The DMCC and Darwin stock car club combined and formed the Northern Territory Riders and Drivers Association. This club is now known as the Darwin Speedway riders and Drivers Association (DSRDA)


The DMCC riders who still wanted to race scrambles (moto-X) set up a track at Hidden Valley. They were given a lease by the Council for 99 years for 1 pound which covered the whole of Hidden Valley, including the now well known race circuit and dragstrip.


A group of riders interested in Enduros and trailriding formed the DMEC (Darwin Motorcycle Enduro Club). This club became very popular and boasted over 150 members. The DMCC was having a hard time getting riders to events at Hidden Valley.


The DMCC committee approached the DMEC to combine clubs. The DMEC was changed to DMCC incorporated. The new DMCC ran all types of events and rebuilt Hidden Valley.


MCC's lease on Hidden Valley was handed back to the NT Government after 3 years of pressure from them to do so.


The new speedway and motocross track were completed at the new ‘Hidden Valley Motorsports Complex.


DMCC moved out of Hidden Valley after much pressure from various motorsports clubs who wanted the land and general disinterest from DMCC members. DMCC became a club with no home track. We had gone the full circle in 30 years.


DMCC is a thriving club made up of around 120 members. It conducts Moto-X Enduros, Pony-express's and trail rides on various track in and around Darwin and the N.T.  It is affiliated with Motorcycling Australia and all competitors must be fully insured to ride. The DMCC also caters for 4 wheel bikes and veteran riders are most welcome.