What you need to race

  • DMCC Membership
  • Motorcycling Australia (MA) Licence
  • Ambulance Insurance
  • Entry form, Supplementary Regulations form, Fees
  • Scrutineered bike and gear

DMCC Membership

DMCC membership is required to ride in any DMCC event. Memberships are valid between January and December each year. Membership categories include:

  • Single
  • Family
  • One Event only*
  • Social

DMCC Memberships are available to purchase online via Ridernet, on the day of the meeting, or by mailing an application form at any time.

Details of memberships, including download of application form at our website here.

*This does not give riders entitlements of Club membership including, but not limited to, points towards Perpetual Trophies, including Club Championship, Mr MotoX etc.

Motorcycling Australia (MA) Licence

All matters regarding MA National Licencing are managed by Motorcycling Australia (MA) and Motorcycling Australia Northern Territory (MANT) who can be contacted via the links below. Information is summarised on this page for Club Members’ convenience.

All DMCC events are governed by MANT who issue a permit to the club. In order to participate in any MANT permitted event, you are required to be the holder of a current MA Licence.

There are different MA licence types; DMCC events require riders to have an MA National Licence or an MA One Meeting Licence.

All MA National Licence applications are done online using the MA system Ridernet.

You need to meet certain criteria to obtain an MA licence – all conducted and managed through Ridernet online:

  • Club membership in the NT - you must be a member of a club prior to getting an MA licence
  • Proof of age (scanned copy of drivers licence etc.)
  • Ambulance insurance (policy number must be provided to MA)
  • First Time Licence Test (first time applicants only)

If you are a Senior (16+ years) and applying for an MA National Licence for the first time, you are required to complete the First Time Licence Test. This is a 25 question, multiple choice theory test and downloaded from the MANT website here.

An MA National Licence is valid for 12 months from the date of application.

An MA One Meeting Licence is purchased from the Club on the day at the meeting.

If you are a Junior (less than 16 years of age) and wish to obtain a One Meeting Licence, you must have completed a training course and received signoff within the last 12 months on the size bike you are racing.


Racing Numbers

Racing Numbers are nominated by the rider when applying for an MA National Licence and are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Racing numbers are not allocated by the DMCC. Your racing number will only apply to other NT Enduro events.

If purchasing a One Meeting Licence DMCC officials can recommend which racing numbers are available on the day.

Racing numbers should be displayed as per MA’s General Competition Rules (GCR’s)






Entry form, Supplementary Regulations and Fees

Supplementary Regulations

The specific details for each event are written in the Supplementary Regulations (Supp Regs) for that event. This is where you will find such things as fees, date, location, racing classes, points and awards, race format and track info.

Entry Forms

Entry forms are attached to the Supp Regs to provide riders all the information in one package.


Each event's fees are detailed in the Supp Regs and Entry Form. If paying on the day correct value cash is preferred, given most racing takes place in the bush. EFTPOS may be available subject to phone service availability.

Where can I find forms?

Supp Regs and Entry forms are published a few weeks prior to the meeting and are available in the Events section and our Facebook page.

Entry forms, meeting fees and Supp Reg forms can be completed and submitted prior to the event. Simply download from our webpage or Facebook pages and follow the instructions. The Club also provides Supp Reg forms, Entry forms and accepts payment on the day of the meeting.

Where a series is held consisting of a multiple meetings, one Entry Form and one Supp Regs Form are required and fees are usually paid per meeting.

Scrutineered Bike and Gear

Bikes and safety equipment are scrutineered prior to a meeting to ensure equipment meets safety and operational standards.

The below is a summary from the GCR’s to give riders an idea of what to expect is checked on race day:

  • Throttle return
  • Handlebar end plugs
  • Brake and clutch lever to be ball ended and effective
  • Fluid leaks
  • Engine mount bolts
  • Muffler secure
  • Foot peg condition and spring back
  • Wheel, frame and swing arm bearing freeplay
  • Wheel condition including axle, nuts and spokes
  • Chain adjustment
  • Sharp edges and any damage
  • Correct numbers and size of
  • Protective clothing (boot soles, no holes, long sleeves and pants must be worn
  • Helmet

The above summary is subject to change and it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure they meet the requirements of each event. See the Supp Regs for each meeting and GCR’s for further information.