Safety is paramount

At all venues and activities associated with the DMCC, safety is a major factor. Safety is everyone's responsibility and safe practices are encouraged by all who attend DMCC events. 

When visiting a event, make it a practice to ascertain where fences, barriers, trees and any other obstructions are located.

  • Observe all signs and directions from officials
  • Don't cross over taped/fenced off areas
  • Don't go onto the race track without permission. 
  • Always obey the directions given to you by Officials.
  • If you're watching an event, don't stand on the outside of a track corner.
  • Be aware of the affects of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation, whilst not riding. The club encourages the use of shade tents, shade from trees, umbrellas, broad brim hats or similar. Remember to use broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen SPF 30+.
  • Remember to keep your water intake up. (Dehydration can be life threatening)
  • If your riding your bike at any time always wear your helmet!
  • Always be considerate of other riders and spectators.
  • Refer to Motorcycling Australia (MA) General Competition Rules (GCR's) for scrutineering requirements.
  • Always ride within your own ability.
  • Always take your rubbish out with you.
  • Bikes to travel at walking pace only in pits
  • No unauthorised persons on the track
  • Only riders or entrant can lodge a protest
  • Riders are responsible for their pit crew. i.e. If your pit crew do something against the rules, riders may also be penalised.
  • Test riding is not permitted


For enduro races the Club provides basic toilet amenities for riders and their families. However, given most riding takes place in the bush, riders and their crew should always be self-sufficient.

Where food, drink and other amenties are provided this will be advertised in the Supplementary Regulations prior to the event.


Motor Racing is DANGEROUS, and spectators attending the track do so entirely at their own risk.  It is a condition of admission that all persons having a connection with the promotion, and/or organization, and/or conduct of the meeting, including the owners of the land and the riders and owners of vehicles and passengers in the vehicles, are absolved from all liability arising out of the accidents causing damage or personal injury to spectators or ticket holders, except where due care and skill has not been exercised.