You know you want to help...But you're thinking....What can I do?

The Club always needs help, setting up and running events, planning the next KamfariBoulderdash, or even getting the track ready for the next Thumpers round.

YOU can help in a number of ways, but first and foremost, YOU need to get involved....How....Well it starts by introducing yourself to the committee. (That's right; we don't know who can help out unless you all stand up and say something)

Don't forget we always need help on the day of the Event, mostly Flaggies or Marshals, but we have other things that need doing. (Every Little Bit helps)

Remember - No Flaggies - No Racing! -- It's that simple people.

Don't forget; we usually setup for race day on the day or weekend(s) before the event, so give one of the club committee members a call ( on our committee page ) and find out what time to come on out. (Even an hour or two helps)

Not able to assist with the physical stuff, not a problem, we always need assistance with some of the less arduous tasks.

It's your Club, your Sport, so stand up and get involved.